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Project Description
Simple one-way file and folder sync'ing with minimal options to get you sync'ing in no time!

It copies files/folders from the source to the destination based on whether or not they exist or not. It will not update files in the destination that have a later timestamp in the source, nor will it delete files from the destination that no longer exist in the source.

The premise for this application was for me to be able to backup my photos to another location. Several GB of photos was taking a very long time (30+ minutes) to copy using robocopy (I suspect because it was re-copying files from the source to the destination unnecessarily), with this app it takes < 5 minutes to do a refresh of my photos backup.


Requires .NET 3.5 runtime.

Run from the command line with 2 mandatory arguments: <file path to sync from> <file path to sync to>
You can also provide a third parameter, a comma separated list of files to exclude: exc=<file1>,<file2>

SimpleSync C:\Photos D:\PhotoBackup exc=thumbs.db,.doc,.xls

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